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Generation Gap: Raising The Next Generation of Leaders


Relevant and Practical Ways on how to Disciple, Coach, Mentor and Connect with the Next Generation (Ages 15 to 30)!

  • Discover the nine most influential role models and mind molders that are currently discipling and shaping the hearts & minds of the younger generation!

  • Rediscover the true purpose of discipleship the way Jesus portrayed it to His twelve disciples, which is coaching & mentoring in a personal way!

  • Relevant and practical ways to reach out and to engage the younger generation in your church!

  • Radical and Biblical insight on captivating the hearts of the 15 to 30 year olds (Gen-Y & Gen-Z) in your church and in your community!

  • Uncover and grasp one of the main missing links between the older generation and the younger generation, which is the absentee of Spiritual Fathers & Mothers in the body of Christ!

  • As a parent, as a pastor, as a church leader or as a young adult, become that genuine role model to the next generation which is rising up!

  • Why the older generation continually struggles to connect and to understand the younger generation!

  • Discover the crafty tactics of the devil, which are masqueraded in technology, education, movies, books and social networks that are molding the hearts and minds of our children and the younger generation!

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When Life Is Full of It: An Antidote For Your Mind


•Attitude will determine your relationships with others.

•Attitude will show the difference between your successes or failures.

•Attitude will determine whether you soar like an eagle or walk around like a chicken.

•Attitude will determine your level of integrity and honesty.

•Attitude will determine your level of discipline and accountability.

•Attitude will open or close doors of opportunities.

•Attitude will determine the type of friends you will have.

•Attitude will expose your true inner character.

•Attitude will determine how you will respond or react to critics and criticism.

•Attitude will determine the vision you will have for your life.

•Attitude will determine the culture that you create around yourself.

•Attitude will determine whether you are a leader or a follower.

​Change Your Attitude To Change Your Life!

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Can I See Your ID?: Discovering and Understanding Your Purpose and Identity



Many born-again believers struggle to discover and understand their God-given identity and purpose. Tragically, these individuals will go to their graves with a yet untapped kingdom purpose and potential. This book was primarily written for Middle school, High school, and College students (Ages 13-25), as this age group happens to be under a continual attack by the enemy of our soul, in order to divert them from their kingdom purpose on this earth.  
Stan takes a unique approach as he journeys through the lives of many Biblical characters like Adam and Eve, David, Rahab, Samson, Joseph, Esther, Apostle Paul, Virgin Mary, and Jesus. And through this journey, you will grasp the identity of each individual and be able to apply their kingdom calling and destiny towards your own life. And finally, you will also be able to discover and understand your identity in Christ and your identity through Christ. 

• The day you discover your God-given identity will be the day you give birth to your purpose!

• You can always retire from your job, but you can never retire from your purpose!